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The Power Of The Plant

It’s getting chilly here in Melbourne. And dark. And wet. I can almost touch the winter blues they are so close. One of things we miss most about summer is the outdoors – the sunshine, the greenery, the fresh air. To ease into the colder months, why not bring the outdoors inside. With Indoor Plants.

A little pot plant has many surprising health benefits. Did you know that…

Plants clean our air

Indoor plants remove toxins and help purify the air. Extensive research conducted by NASA discovered that plants assist in removing “trace levels of toxic vapors from inside tightly sealed buildings”. Futhermore, they increase humidity levels and decrease dust, reducing cold-related illnesses by more than 30%.

Plants make us smarter

In a study to be published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, research shows that having plants inside improve worker productivity and concentration. According to research it is the calming influence of natural environments that increase a person’s concentration to the task at hand.

Plants make us happy

Research has proven that the presence of plants decreases stress and improves our general sense of wellbeing. Studies performed in hospitals have proven that having plants in the patients rooms enhanced their health outcomes through positivity.

So go on, get is some inspiration to get you feeling green…


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