Bon Exercise / Bon Food

These women are 40 and over! Seriously….

Yes, they are blessed with good genes and have millions of dollars to spend on personal trainers and plastic surgery. Nevertheless, they look amazing. Here are their diet and exercise tips that they claim keep them looking ten years younger.

Kate Beckinsale, 41


Kate never leaves home without sunscreen. Her diet consists of eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, a chicken or vegetable wrap for lunch, then fish and vegetables for dinner. She focuses on diet rather than exercise, only doing some light activity 4 times a week, a mix of running and yoga.

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Jennifer Lopez, 45


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Lopez recently shed 4.5 kilograms in 5 weeks by creating a low carb vegan diet. She has since begun incorporating some animal protein into her diet but remains 70% vegan. Jen does regular high-intensity cardio exercise and strength training.

Heidi Klum, 41


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Heidi eats smaller meals and stops munching by 8pm. She enjoys high protein foods and exercises daily for at least 30 mins.

Amy Adams, 40

Amy Adams

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Amy Adams has never aspired to be super skinny. She pole dances, because it’s fun. And roughly follows the Jennifer Lawrence diet routine. A day in the life of Amy Adams would look a little like this:  one boiled egg with wholegrain toast for breakfast, a bread roll and soup for lunch, a cuppa & bickie for afternoon tea and vegetable tacos for dinner.

Cindy Crawford, 48

Cindy Crawford

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Cindy swears by a diet consisting of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fats – egg white omelettes for breakfast or a protein shake, chicken salad for lunch and lean turkey meatballs and pasta or sushi for dinner. Her exercise regime consists of running, swimming, weight lifting pilates and fitness ball. She also includes 20 mins of power walking or running each day.

Reece Witherspoon, 38

Reece Witherspoon

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Ok, so she’s not yet 40 – but she looks pretty damn good at 38. Reece doesn’t diet but chooses to eat right and exercise. She runs, hikes, and sculpts with yoga. Her day on a plate looks like this: for breakfast she has a small bowl of yogurt with fresh fruit; lunch is a veggie pack stir-fry or salad; and dinner is simple chicken or fish.

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