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Curb The Carb

I’m going carb free. This will be my 12th attempt. When trying to analyse my continuous fails I came to the conclusion that it had to do with one of two things. One, I’m a functioning carbolic. Or two, I get bored of the same carb free meals. I think it may be a bit of both, but to help me on my quest I plan to substitute carbs with a variety of foods.

Here are some thought starters to curb the carb.

Ice cream without the guilt.

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you reach for the cookie tin immediately post dinner.  Try frozen bananas, with a dollop of peanut butter and a dash of cocoa.

the kitchn shows us the basics here.

Portabella Pizza Bites


Friday night is pizza night, is it not? Thus to curb that cheesy craving, try these Portabella Pizza Bites.

Recipe on My90xnutrionplan,com

Zucchini Chips


Do you love your chips with your steak? Try these Easy Zucchini Chips as a healthy substitute.

Recipe on

Baked Parmesan Mushies


Do you need some inspiration for what to have with your breakfast now you can’t eat toast? Try Baked Parmesan Mushies. You won’t look back.

Antipasto Kabobs


Mmmmmm, the picture says it all. Antipasto Kabobs is the perfect carb free snack. The Hungry Housewife gives us the recipe here

Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Using lettuce as wraps is the perfect carb free alternative. Little Broken shows us how to whip up some Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps.


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