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The top 5 new fitness trends of 2015

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Tired of the same routine at the gym? Adding variety to your physical activity can help you stay interested and motivated.

Different kinds of exercise provide different results – e.g. yoga is great for strength training and flexibly. Whilst running will increase your endurance and strengthen the heart.

Make it your goal to try 3 new exercises in the coming month. Here are some of the top fitness trends to hit 2015, to get you started.

Hot Pilates

Are you a hot yoga fan who loves to sweat? Try Hot Pilates. Pilates exercises work on developing a strong core, long lean muscles, flat abdominals and a strong back.

One Hot Yoga  & Pilates in South Yarra offer Hot Mat Pilates classes. Head to for more details.

©image from One Hot Yoga

High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT was a hit in 2014. And will continue to be just as popular this year. HIIT workouts involve short intense bursts of exercise followed by periods of short rest. A workout usually lasts 30 minutes. The idea is to gain better results in less time, which is a pretty appealing notion.

A personal trainer will be able to write you up some programs or join a boot camp that specialises in HIIT.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga

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Yoga remains as popular as ever, with its many health benefits including weight loss, stress relief and flexibility just to name a few. This Summer head down to SUP St Kilda at St Kilda beach for a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga class. Find your inner zen on a hot Saturday morning, whilst getting some beach time in.

Skipping Or Rope Burn

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Were you queen of the playground with your skipping rope? Well it’s time again to find your inner child. Jumping rope strengthens both the upper and lower body and burns a truck load of calories. Purchase a rope for less than $20 and try one of these short workouts.

10 Minute Workout: Jump Rope To Skip Yourself Slim

15 Minute Jump Rope Workout

Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training is the number one fitness trend for 2015, according to a recent survey by American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal.

Body weight training involves using your own body weight or minimal equipment to perform strength training exercises (squats, planks, squats, push ups). Which means not only will it make our arms toned and our thighs taught, it’s low cost.

Download an app or google a beginners program on the internet and head down to your local park twice a week.


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